Month: February 2009

Those of you wondering about the new gig….

Those of you looking for pearls of wisdom about the new gig, be aware. I’m imposing a strict firewall between the “work me” and the “me me”, partly because it’s the only way to keep things sane and remotely tidy, and partly because I’ve learned the hard way that too many folks have trouble understanding the difference between “the guy who blogs and happens to work for foo” and “the foo blogger”. Since I’m now going to be both, the only way to avoid some inevitable and painful commentaries is to not go there. Which doesn’t mean we aren’t going to be talking about that stuff. Just not while “off duty”. Which if you understand these things at all, you’ll know makes endless sense. Not that common sense was ever a strong point for me… So if you’re interested in the work stuff, you need to head over here (update: don’t bother, it’s dead, jim): Palm Developer Network Palm Developer Network Blog We’re working feverishly to start delivering new and interesting content and “other stuff”, and when it’s ready, that’s where it’ll show up. And I’m trying to pull together the other things we want to help build the developer community and give t what it needs to thrive and make us all rich and happy. I’ll meet you over there. I’ll be the one in the red...

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Will paid content work?

But can we learn anything from paid content attempts in the past? After all, this has been tried at varying levels before. Until The New York Times opens the books on its mothballed Times Select service, which kept certain content — mainly columnists and archives — behind the pay wall, these two examples, from 2003-2005, will have to serve as examples via Will paid content work? Two cautionary tales from 2004 — Pushing to the Future of Journalism. Here’s one more. A long, long time ago in a Galaxy far away, one of my first jobs in Silicon Valley was with a startup (see footnote 1) doing interactive services for cable TV. We’re talking almost 30 freaking years ago, folks, and teletext-type technology, which was state of the art then. And the goal of all of this was — ta da — value added services. Online banking, news tickers, weather, etc etc. And of course cable companies wanted customers to pay for them. But every pilot test failed miserably. 100,000 people in Ohio were given the services free for six months, and surveys showed very positive responses to it. They liked what they saw. And when they were asked to pay even a nominal fee for it (a couple of bucks a month), about 2% signed up for it. Nothing new under the sun. This long predates the “consumers...

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Chicago 4, San Jose 2. Ouch

Chicago nicely beat the Sharks last night. Good game for the Hawks, one of the teams that’s is always impressing me. The Sharks looked sluggish, but in reality, the Hawks outplayed them, I give more credit to Chicago than I take away from San Jose. I think the Sharks really missed Boyle’s ability to carry the puck last night, but the real issue was the Hawks aggressively pursuing the puck and aggressive breakout. the Sharks fought to deal with it all game. Weird game; Hawks lost a goal to a double-minor high stick called by a linesman in the first. Since Linesmen can’t stop play for that, play continued until a whistle, that whistle happened to be after a goal. Confused the heck out of the Sharks broadcasters, but they finally sorted it out. The refs actually hauled Cheechoo back out of the locker room to examine the damage — they were lucky he didn’t have a needle and thread in his face being stitched. So the refs got it right. Well, mostly. They were supposed to announce what was going on to the crowd and didn’t. It is also unclear if they adjusted the clock; Laurie and I watched the game from home (I caught her cold, we both kept our sniffles to ourselves) and Drew mentioned the clock at one point as not being fixed, but I...

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