Month: January 2009

Sharks 2, Vancouver 1 in overtime

And to think I could have stayed home and watched paint dry…. What can you say? Last game before the All-Star break, and a whole lotta “I don’t want to spend the break in a hot tub” broke out. Vancouver got a goal early on a really good shot on one of their few offensive chances in the first, and went into an 0-5 and tried to hold the lead for the rest of the game. The Sharks played like they really didn’t care much one way or another. spent lots of time in the offensive zone, little time actually fighting for quality shots. Yawn. The Sharks woke up late and decided to win it, Vancouver didn’t notice until it was too late, and then Henrik takes a stupid, lazy penalty in OT and that more or less hands the game to San Jose. Vancouver wins a point, San Jose gets two they really didn’t deserve, but neither did Vancouver. In the “not sure what I expected” department: the arena all but gave Claude Lemieux a standing ovation just for coming over the boards and skating a shift. As I kept saying to people around me, “old guys rule”. I love the Sharks fans, they tend to get the game in ways not all fan bases do, and one thing I think they got here was just how hard...

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My thoughts on the Winter Classic

Okay, now that my Guardian piece is up and the ensuing circus has subsided a bit, I have some time to reflect on the Winter Classic. I loved it. I loved every single minute of it. It was a great event — and it was a really good hockey game. With a little help from some friends (you know who you are; I’ll be over to mow the lawn tomorrow!) we were able to get Laurie a ticket to the game, and she flew in on the 31st and home today — and she had a great time also. Watching the show on NBC with an eye to how it would be received by non-fans, and whether those non-fans might find hockey interesting and checkin again later. After all, this isn’t JUST an outside game aimed at the existing fan base, this event is An Event, clearly aimed at showing off hockey to non-hockey fans and hopefully convincing them to check in again later. I thought it succeeded at that — but a lot of the credit has to go to watching hockey on HD. Back in 2003 I interviewed Sharks President Greg Jamison and one of the things he felt strongly about was that HD was needed for hockey to really become a “TV sport”; heck, even back when Laurie and I worked with the Spiders, a lot...

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