Month: November 2008

going to Chicago!

When they announced the Winter Classic was going to Wrigley, I knew I had to give this a shot. Laurie grew up in the Chicago area, is a huge Cubs fan, played goalie (footnote 1) in the boys leagues there before there were girls leagues to play in, and was (and is) a huge Hawks fan. I thought it would be just perfect to get her to Chicago for the Winter Classic if I could swing it. So I started exploring contacts, and thankfully, I found some folks (who shall remain nameless) who agreed, and we now have a ticket, and Laurie’s headed to Chicago for New Years! She promises to blog and post photos. Nope, I’m not going. This one’s for her. If they ever do a winter classic in Southern Callifornia and the Kings, I’m right on it (with sunscreen) — and I figured two tickets would be asking for more favors than I felt comfortable asking (in reality, I could have gotten a 2nd ticket, but with the cats and birds and holidays and etc, the logistics are just much easier if I stay home and pet-sit) — fortunately, this is only going to cost me six months of washing cars and mowing lawns. So we now have the plane ticket settled, and the hotel, and I’m jazzed. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Laurie quite...

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Slow Motion Killing

Tom Benjamin’s – Slow Motion Killing: Bob McKeown was on McCown yesterday promoting tonight’s episode of the EOWN Fifth Estate. He had news that Gary Bettman and Paul Kelly would be well advised to consider: Recent research by neuroscientists now shows the link between on-the-field concussions and brain damage; a permanent injury that can lead to depression, suicide and severe aberrant behaviour. The damage is so profound, the researchers say, that post-mortem examinations of the brain tissue of five former professional football players can be compared only to the tissue found in the brain tissue of advanced Alzheimers cases. Apparently professional football players have a life expectancy that is 20 years shorter than the average man. I’d like to know whether we’d see the the same kind of shocking result if someone ran the actuarial tables for hockey players. Would the league eliminate head shots if someone was killed by one in a game? For sure. Does it really matter if the death is delayed by a few years? Should it? What kind of risks can we expect players to take to entertain us? Its past time to take action. Tom’s is dead right here on the need for action. Of course, the league IS taking action; note the memo circulated that intentional blows to the head aren’t going to be tolerated. A number of bloggers and media have...

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Sharks douse flames. Not even close. stupid headlines ensue.

I just have to get this out while I’m thinking about it: MY GOD, THIS IS A FUN TEAM TO WATCH. Even when they lost to Nashville, it was an interesting game. Grump-inducing at times, but still fun to watch. That is never a bad thing. And last night? Well, if the Mike Keenan death watch wasn’t operating before, it is now. Iron Mike always has a short “use by” date on his lapel at the best of times and Calgary doesn’t look to be different. The reality is, though, that because Calgary tends to put on a bit of a show in the playoffs, we tend to think they’re better than they really are. This is a team that always seems to BARELY make the playoffs, fights hard in the first round, and loses. Memorable, but that’s not a dominant team by any means. And this year? As Laurie nicely put it last night, they aren’t getting better, they’re getting older. It’s the Kiprusoff, Phaneuff and Iginla show, featuring a cast of dozens. Replacing Owen Nolan with Todd Bertuzzi is, well, not an upgrade. And the rest of the team pretty much seems to be guys who never quite met their potential somewhere else and ended up here. Last night, they came up against one of the top teams in the league, and it wasn’t really close. How...

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