Month: May 2008

Conference Finals projections

6-2 in the first round, with both cup picks live. Not bad. Second round? well… Not so. Montreal (my east pick) lost to Philly. I knew depending on Price was a risk, but so did Montreal. On a long term basis, it’s probably good for the Habs, in that Price now knows what it’ll take. but still Montreal’s golfing. chose the pens, won the series. But I still thought it would be tougher than it was. And I chose Colorado? what was I thinking? I was thinking that half the Avs wouldn’t go down to injury and that Theodore wouldn’t get the flu. Even so, Detroit was much stronger than I figured they’d be, too. (FWIW, I have no problem with Quenville sticking with Theodore. I have huge problems with him sticking with him for four goals, when it was clear in each of the first couple of games that he was “not right” by the 2nd. Faster hooks might have made a difference early. Nothing made a difference later. And Sharks/Dallas? Dallas deserves to move forward. Good luck to them. 1-3. Ouch. but still 7-5 for the playoffs. I still have time to screw that up. And so I will. In the west: I love how Dallas is playing, so I’m going to ride them. Detroit iss also playing well, but Morrow and Turco are playing insanely well....

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Sharks live to play another game.

And now we go to game 6. Well, if it happens, losing in six is a lot less embarassing than losing in four; I’m sure there’s a contingent that’ll focus on the problems, because that’s what they do, and ignor ethe positives, because it’s a lot more fun to whine (for them). We had a pair of those behind us for game 5, and oh, man. It ogt painful after a while, made me miss old Rat-basher’s falsetto. They actually were there to celebrate the Sharks loss, as far as we could tell: not pro-Dallas, but anti-San jose. As the Sharks gave up 2 in the 2nd and went down 2-0, boy, did the invective (and fracks) fly. and more amusingly, as the Sharks rallied and came back, they got even more pissed. They reminded me mostly of those weird Nascar nuts that go to the races hoping for nasty crashes. Even funkier, as soon as Pavelski scored the OT winner, we got one last round of cussing, and they stood up and literally ran for the exits. The entire arena exploded in noise and cheering, and they were pissed, and leaving like they were afraid someone might hit them. Well, a good chunk of the section around them was probably considering it, actually. Their primary whipping boy, Christian “Errorhoff”, who, from their comments, played such a rotten game...

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