Month: May 2007

Prediction: stanley cup final

Two for Elbowing: Third round predictions…: So, I’m 9 for 12 for the playoffs, my best run in years. The two conference finals: Anaheim/Detroit: Anaheim in 5. Ottawa/Buffalo: I’ll pick Buffalo in 7. (now, watch...

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Third round predictions

Time for Conference final predictions. I was 6 of 8 in the first round. In the second round, I picked: I picked San Jose in 6. sigh. whine. moan. grump. Actually, I said: Detroit/San Jose: San Jose in 6. Going to be a fun...

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I’m breaking things

  I'm revamping things for the launch of 6FPS, mostly redoing my photography sites and this front page; gor the next while, expect any links to Smugmug or Flickr to break while I sort this out. Apologies for the chaos.

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