Month: February 2007

The 2007 goals

I realize it’s mid-february, but given in the past years I never got around to this until well after Macworld, anyway… I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what I want to accomplish moving forward. 2006 was about trying to make the lifestyle changes I felt I needed to make within the context of Apple, and when I couldn’t, make the decision to move on. 2007 is about taking advantage of the opportunities the move have given me, and moving forward. I wanted to really refine my goals for this next year or so, not overdo it and screw up the “life balance” bit by simply loading up life with self-generated stress (hence he reason why Outsider’s Guide’s launch is “soon” instead of “late”). So for me, fewer goals, more long-term views than “this year, I’ll” — 2007 really is turning into the start of the next phase of life for me. 1) lose weight, get back in shape. I’m down 10 pounds since I left Apple. I was doing fine to start, then Laurie got sick, and with holidays, new job, etc, etc, I’ve been right around -10 +-3 since. Now that it’s all settling down again and I feel like I’m in a rhythm at work, it’s time to get the weight loss down, and get myself back in some decent shape. My soft goal for...

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three months!

It’s weird — it seems almost like yesterday that I started my new job. I keep meaning to talk about it a little, and now I’m sitting here three months (and a bit more) in — and way overdue at posting here about things. It’s a nice, quiet, bachelor weekend. Laurie’s up in Yosemite on a photo and hiking trip, taking a few days off. I’ll probably go up in late march, maybe early april, after her last surgery and when she’s recovered. This gave her a chance to get some R&R in before the next round (and honestly, with the hassles of kennelling the cats and birds, it seems hard to justify long weekends away together — although in this case, I’m in the middle of a few things where being home is useful. For those who are complaining that it’s been too long since the last volume of this series, I can only answer guilty, and like George R.R. Martin, start this volume with a recap. It’s hard to believe it’s been almost six months since I left Apple. At this time last year, I was still convinced I was a lifer. I left Apple in Mid-september, and Laurie and I took off on a couple of weeks of real, uncompromised vacation up to the pacific northwest and back down the coast. Got back the start of...

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