Month: October 2006

Why Apple doesn’t have a blogging policy (it ain’t what you think….) (Apple Post-mortem, part 4 of some number….)

Here’s my view of why Apple never implemented a blog policy. It’s not what you think, either…. But first, a digression through Sun: ongoing · Oh My Goodness Gracious: In a recent piece on the new Project Blackbox, I used some coarse language, in an idiomatic way, not giving it much thought. The consequences were surprising. NearWalden » Tim’s Bomb: Last night I got back from Pop!Tech and found that I had 110 new emails. While I always get a lot of email, this was a surprise since I’d just checked it 4 hours earlier. The trigger for this email was a posting by Tim Bray on his Ongoing blog where he dropped the F-Bomb, and which had been picked up and written about by the Inquirer citing Tim as a Sun employee. Since Sun one of the most open companies from a blogging point of view, these discussions are critical. We’re in new territory, and the best way to sort through these issues is through open dialogue, which was taking place on the bloggers email list inside the company. Instead of being the 198th email, I thought I’d just post my thoughts here. First a disclosure: I’m a Sun VP and a private blogger, so I’m writing this from both of those perspectives. It’s also important to understand that Tim has on blog which he uses for everything....

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Jobs I wish I could have taken at Apple (Apple Post-mortem, part 2 of some number….)

(more discussion about Apple now that I’m no longer an employee and no longer having to worry about what I say quite as much…. see part 1 of this ongoing series here) If things have worked out, I would have stayed at Apple. I felt there were any number of ways I could have helped the company, and (of course) I had various ideas of places where Apple could be improved and I might be a person who could make that happen. Of course, as it turns out, it didn’t happen, but that’s okay. I felt, however, that it might be interesting (or at least fun) to talk about some of the jobs I wish I could have accepted at Apple, had they existed… 1) Apple Games Evangelist: I mean, seriously, who wouldn’t want this job? But one of the things I noticed over the years is that whoever took the job lasted about a year, then went and did something else. Personally, though, I now think the future of gaming is really the platforms (I just bought my Xbox 360) — but I sure am hoping that once Neverwinter Nights 2 ships on the PC, they’ll announce a port to the Mac (because dammit, I’d hate to run windows on my intel mac just to run a game…. but I might). 2) Community architect for iTunes. This is...

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My new job..

Apologies for not posting this sooner (as I’d said I would), had some things come up this weekend that needed my attention: a bit of a firedrill, now under control. So, I’m happy to announce that I’ve accepted a position with StrongMail, as their new Professional Services Architect. I’ll be working both pre- and post-sales on helping design solutions connecting customer data systems and processes to take advantage of StrongMail technologies, and also working with customers on how to improve and update their email communications strategies and systems. It really is a rare opportunity, I think, for me to help companies understand that e-mail is an important part of a customer relationship, and not just a tool for blasting marketing messages at eyeballs. I’m going to be reporting into the VP of Customer Services there, and working throughout the company on things as needed. Strongmail is a company that’s working on Email backend systems. You very likely receive email sent via StrongMail on a regular basis — their customer list includes Netflix, Fox Sports, Ticketmaster, WebEx, Univision and Williams Sonoma. Strongmail’s primary funder is Sequoia Capital, along with Evercore and Globespan Capital. I had a couple of other job offers pending, which I hated to turn down, but when given an option of “London? Or Madrid for dinner?” you can’t be in both places. For me, what finally made...

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Why I left Apple (Apple Post-mortem, part 1 of some number)

It’s been enough time and life is settling down a bit that I feel ready to start this thread of postings. I plan on, more or less, to take a look at Apple from the outside and comment on some of the aspects of the company that I felt deserved some discussion. And before you all start drooling, there’s going to be very little dirty laundry, since I was very happy there before I left, and the fact that I left shouldn’t mean I’m now pissed at them. And no, I’m not going to disclose anything or talk about unannounced products or any other secrets, so the rumor sites can go back to sleep. There will be, I repeat, will be no mentions of the iPhone, especially not that third configuration the rumor sites haven’t caught on to yet. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t discussion points. I think the first one, just to clear the air on some stuff, has to be why I left. When a company announces that an executive has left the firm “to pursue other interests” or “to spend more time with their family”, I know what I think; and I bet most of you assume the same — because the reality is, that’s code for “we took away the key to the executive washroom and wished him a fond farewell, and then pushed...

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Marc-Edouard Vlasic

Sharkspage – San Jose Sharks, Hockey, NHL sports blog: Going into training camp the San Jose Sharks did not expect 19-year old defenseman Marc-Edouard Vlasic to make the NHL this year, let alone play a prominent role 5-on-5 and on special teams. This was evidenced by the fact signings of veteran defenseman Scott Ferguson, Mathieu Biron, and Patrick Traverse. After leading the Sharks prospects in scoring at the Pacific Division Rookie Tournament, and impressing the coaching staff during the pre-season, Vlasic was rewarded with an opening night roster spot. Now that Vlasic has played in several regular season games, and has earned ice time in all situations, his role with the team is starting to be defined. The coaches are steadily increasing his ice time. Vlasic only trails behind veterans Kyle McLaren, and Scott Hannan for the team lead in total time on ice. Coach Ron Wilson has not been afraid to use Vlasic on the power play, or the penalty kill. He has been one of the go-to guys if the Sharks are down 5-on-3. This has not been blind faith, as Vlasic has looked superb in every game so far, showing maturity and poise beyond his years. I’ve been very impressed with Vlasic. I decided a couple of games ago that he was going to stick with the team. So, evidently, did the Sharks — they started...

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