The Battle of Alberta: Sharks fans

The Battle of Alberta:

You know what else really pisses me off about the Sharks? Their fans. Oh sure, they can yell and scream in the rink, but where are they now?

I’ve been quieter than normal because I’m travelling. Sunday (round 2 game 1) was my mom and dad’s 50th wedding anniversary, and they threw themselves a big party, renting out a restaurant and inviting lots of folks. As dutiful son, not only did I go, I wore a coat and tie, and I didn’t even ask the bar to sneak the sharks game on.

I’ve been following where I can thanks to the XM radio in the car, but between being tied up with things (the party, upgrading mom’s computer to Tiger and a new printer/scanner, surprising dad with his own iBook now that he’s decided to get online, and doing parental tech support.

First two playoff games I’ve missed since, um, 1995, when I was in europe training Apple people on this new “internet” thing. Fortunately, the hotel I’m in now has OLN, so life is a LOT better, but I’ll be happy to be home (tomorrow).

I know some folks can be experts about anything — but I prefer to actually watch what I talk about, or at least listen to it… (I did get most of OT on the Sharks/Oiler game last night, at least….)

We’ll be back to normal by game 5. And once the Sharks put the Oilers away (which SHOULD still happen, just not easy), perhaps we’ll even start believing the Sharks are for real…. right now, it’s still a bit cinderella-ish, Joe thornton notwithstanding…