Patrick Marleau on the block?

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Ken Campbell of the Toronto Star suggests that Patrick Marleau may be the next San Jose Shark on the trade block…

Well connected NHL executive or not, this trade would make no sense. After trading Marco Sturm [tied for the San Jose Sharks scoring lead in 2002-03] and Brad Stuart [the Sharks leading scorer on the blueline],

My thought is that the Marleau rumors are based on explorations Wilson was making before the Thornton trade went down. Once Joe Thornton was snagged, that one died. That doesn’t mean the Sharks were necessarily serious about trading Marleau, but it seems clear that all options were on the table to fix the team.

I still think that the Sharks aren’t done. I keep wondering whether we’re going to see a goalie moved, although Nabokov tweaking his groin makes that problematic right now — if they ever have all the goalies healthy, there are teams that seem to need a goalie, and the Sharks can take advantage of that.

However, I also keep asking myself — is there a trade available that includes swapping Nabokov and Luongo? Not straight up, but as part of a larger deal? I wonder what it would take…. On the other hand, the last couple of games have made me a lot more comfortable here again, and if Toskala is really healthy…

One thing Laurie and I keep wondering — why are the Sharks seemingly so insistent about NOT playing Schaeffer? We don’t get it. People I’ve talked to at the Tank tell me he’s a real NHL-caliber goalie, maybe a bit green. The problem some of us have is that both Nabokov and Toskala are quite solid and smooth goalies on their technique and angles, where Schaeffer is more of a reaction/scramble guy, and so he just looks — out of control. I’ve muttered more than once about the return of Irbe, and Schaeffer’s occasional braincramps puck handling haven’t helped stir up those ghosts… But people who’s opinion I trust say he really is the real thing… So I wonder if Schaeffer will ever see Cleveland again…

If the Sharks make another move, I’d expect it to be a defenseman. I don’t think the Sharks defense is in as tough a shape as many fans, and right now, I wouldn’t mind standing pat. Yes, Hannan’s struggled, and Stuart is gone (and wasn’t what he should have been — and hasn’t been since the head injury) — but from what I’ve seen, most of the Sharks “problems on defense” is the defense attempting to make up for defensive lapses by the forwards, and the Sharks were having trouble getting three lines that could be consistent and reliable every game. Joe Thornton changes all of that.

On top of that, the Sharks have a player few folks are thinking of: Dougie Murray. He’s up with the team now, but he was, from what I heard in training camp, expected to make the team — and got hurt in the first week of camp. So now, he’s healthy and stepping in, and I’d expect will fill some of the gap people are looking Wilson to run a trade for, and Joe Thornton will fix the rest by reducing the number of problems the forwards cause that the defense gets blamed for.