Month: April 2003

The playoffs are here!

It’s time for that second season, the hockey playoffs. The time hockey switches from marathon to sprints. Four sprints and you take home the stanley cup. Nothing to it. (yeah, right). As usual, I’m handicapping the playoffs. And as usual, anyone who bets on my handicapping is an idiot, since I’m consistently under .500… Eastern Conference: Ottawa/New York Islanders (Ottawa in 5): I don’t trust the Isle’s goaltending, and I really like Ottawa’s overall play. New Jersey/Boston (New Jersey in six): Might be the most interesting to watch, but I’ll bet on Brodeur, thanks. Tampa/Washington (Tampa in 6): who cares? one loses in the first round, the other in the 2nd. I’m not interested in watching either team play. Philadelphia/Toronto (Toronto in 6): I’ll take Eddie Belfour here, and Nolan, and the Leafs crew. If they can stay out of penalty trouble. Which they have trouble doing. But I’ve made a solemn pledge to never pick a Philly team as long as Bobby Clarke is GM, and in recent years, he’s proven me right. His teams find a way to mess up at crunch time. My pick to go to the cup finals: Ottawa. My preference to go to the finals: Toronto. Western Conference: Dallas/Edmonton (Edmonton in 6): these two meet again. what, did it get written into the labor contract? Aren’t they tired of beating each other up...

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A few submarine books

Sort of a three dot lounge from my collection of submarine military history books…. I’m not sure where my interest in submarine operations came from. In high school, one of my post-graduation options I considered (and quickly rejected) was submarine ops. A combination of claustrophobia in tight spaces and childhood asthma made that (practically speaking) impossible, so it got crossed off the list early (Ringling’s Clown College survived a lot longer, but that’s another tale, another time). But a fascination with the submarine stuck around in the back of my head, and when I started reading history and military history seriously, I naturally migrated towards the submarine corps. Tom Clancy, Submarine Buy on Amazon If you’re curious about how a submarine operates, a good introduction is Tom Clancy’s Submarine. It (like all of the non-fiction book written under his name) have a distinctly pro-military bias to them (like this is a suprise?) but he also has good access to sources and does good, solid research. I also thought his books on Carrier, Armored Cav, and Fighter wing were good introductions to how these military forces operate. Submarines are different beasts. The survive and kill by stealth. Lose that stealth, and they’re sitting ducks. They can’t outrun the enemy, they can’t outmuscle the enemy, they can’t hold off the enemy. They’re an assassin, appearing out of nowhere, disappearing into the...

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