Month: November 2002

I come not to praise Caesar.,,,

I was going to wait a couple of games into the homestand to decide about this, but I’ve seen enough. As a friend of mine in Toronto is wont to say — time to throw the bomb in. Although in all honesty, I don’t think a bomb is necessary, just a couple of firecrackers. This Sharks team is broken. It’s not talent. it’s not leadership, unless you honestly believe Gary Suter was the guy who kept everything together all last season (and if you do, I feel sorry for you). I don’t think they’ve tuned out Sutter, although honestly, I think that question is legitimately in play now. But this team simply isn’t gelled, and by this time, it has to be. The chemistry is wrong. Not sour, just off. Each player seems to be trying — but it’s a team of individuals, not a team. Nobody’s playing in sync with anyone else, nobody seems to understand their assignments, or at least how to get where they ought to be when they ought to be there. Can an entire team catch the “annual vinnie damhphousse slup” flu? maybe they were on a disney cruise? Whatever. Last year, the Sharks found a way to run the amp to 11 almost every night. This year, they seem to max out about 9.5. Which ain’t bad (you want bad? You want a...

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15 years ago today

15 years ago tonight, Laurie and I exchanged vows and agreed to spend the rest of our lives together. When we first met, via (of all places) rec.arts.comics, I was here in the Bay Area, she was in Indiana at Purdue. My first marriage was ending (mutually and respectfully — we both simply realized our lives had gone in different directions), but don’t let anyone ever tell you divorces are painless. I was a bit of a basket case (god knows how people survive breakups that get nasty). That may seem pretty normal these days, but this was 1983, and USENET was still primarily modem-based, and long-distance online romances were still rare. Eventually I had a chance to travel east on business, and routed myself so I could spend a weekend in Lafayette. The following spring, she graduated from Purdue, packed and came west. I can only imagine the courage it must have taken to do that, even though we both felt a strong connection. Moving to a new part of the country, uprooting everything, having no fallback position if it didn’t work? And patience — waiting for the divorce to be final in 1984, waiting for me to get my act together enough that I could consider re-marrying. She moved into my life and my house in 1984. In 1987, I finally could make the committment, and here,...

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Brad Stuart signs!

According to TSN, the sharks and stuart have agreed to a deal. Assuming TSN is correct, it looks like obht sides compromised to make the deal happen. here’s a quick analysis I did of the deal for the Sharks list. On Tuesday, November 12, 2002, at 05:03 PM, Kirk Nolte wrote: >If the numbers in the story are accurate ($1.25M this year, minus the games >he’s missed, $1.5M next year, and +$2M the third option year), what the @#$ >was everybody thinking??? The current numbers are $1.25m, $1.75m the second year. Interesting that it’s BOTH a player and a club option. that’s a cute hack (more on that in a minute). > Stuart and his agent wanted Wade Redden money >($3.6M for two years, and the Sharks were thinking Derek Morris money, $5M >for three years). It seems to me that neither side “won”. After reading this >story, I think he caved in too early… > If stuart wanted maximum money, then yes, he caved too early. But Stuart wanted to play hockey. What you see here is both sides compromising. Lombardi wanted him playing. Stuart wanted to play. Both sides made some compromises to make it happen. Both sides therefore won. Isn’t that how it’s supposed to work? Both of those public names were negotiating points. I think both sides knew reality was somewher in the middle. Lombardi...

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